Gradam Na Readoiri

The Gradam is an award of merit for centres within the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association. It is an annual award which is granted by central office to centres who achieve a required standard in various categories of centre activities and achievement. The Gradam Award is open to all centres, and application forms are available from central office. Applications for "Gradam Na Readoiri 2002" are available from Central Office from April '02. The application form must include a summary of the centre's history and a list of current officers.
Areas open to assessment include:
  1. Membership: Numbers of people in each pioneer category including silver and golden jubilarians.
  2. Spiritual & Liturgical Participation: This highlights the centres involvement in locally organised liturgies, pilgrimages, retreats and religious events.
  3. Leisure Activities: This provides an opportunity for each centre to spotlight all leisure and social activities organised locally, and the participation from the centre in readoiri and quiz.
  4. Youth: This section allows the centre to indicate promotion of the PTAA in local schools, a history of youth involvement and plans for youth recruitment. Also participation of youth in regional, diocesan, and provincial councils, seminars, sports, and the annual ball.
  5. Pastoral Support for victims: Here centres are asked to demonstrate their practical support for victims of alcohol and drug abuse, and to state any activities organised by the centre in relation to the abuse of alcohol and drugs.
  6. Regional & Diocesan Councils: The centre's involvement in other councils is assessed, and also it's involvement in regional and diocesan activities.
  7. Pioneer Magazine, video & calendar: The centre must state it's current sales of each and express plans to promote and increase these sales.
  8. Fundraising: In this section the centre's involvement in the PTAA National collection, funding for head office, local fundraising and support for other fundraising events.
  9. Involvement in local Community: The centre is assessed regarding it's involvement in local parish activities, sport and cultural events, local festivals, community action and other voluntary/community groups.
Having completed the application and paid the entry fee each centre is visited by the Gradam assessors and points are awarded in each area. If the centre is successful it receives a pendant and certificate, which is presented to all successful centres in St. Frances Xavier's Church, Dublin.